Welcome to Tysons Central Connect! Tysons Central Connect is an additional amenity for Lumen residents and employees of Tysons Central.  Whether your weekly schedule includes school drop-offs or a daily commute, we are here to assist you with all your travel needs to and from Tysons Central and throughout the Tysons area. Living and working at Tysons Central means that you have exclusive access to a team of professional transportation planners that are available to help you identify the best travel choices around the Tysons area and beyond.

Want to know your best commute options for traveling to and from Tysons Central? Send us an email and we’ll provide you with a customized commute plan that fits your travel needs. As a reminder, we’re here to help you explore all your travel options!


Building America’s Next Great City

Tysons Partnership is a dynamic collaborative of Tysons stakeholders working together to accelerate the transformation of Tysons into a great American city.  The Tysons Partnership TMA partnered with the county to bring Capital Bikeshare to Tysons.  Our Transportation Demand Management programs engage with thousands of residents and employees to reduce traffic and increase sustainable commuting.

Meet the Team

Linsey Burch

Ashley Moses